CAC gives a Presentation at the Indonesian Consulate!

Published on August 23, 2015

On Sunday August 23, the Caregivers’ Action Centre gave a presentation to the Indonesian community of Caregivers on the rights of migrant workers, and the mass rejection of LMIAs.

The day was facilitated in conjunction with Betty Wahyuningsih, a Caregiver and labour organizer who is active in the Indonesian community.

The immigration minister Chris Alexander’s “overhaul” of the program was deceivingly promoted as changes that would better protect Caregivers and facilitated faster family reunification. However, the changes to the Caregiver Program clearly have NOT improved the lives of Caregivers. The massive rejection of LMIAs is making it difficult for Caregivers to find jobs, which makes it extremely difficult to complete the  3900 hours required to qualify for permanent resident status

We at the Caregivers’ Action Centre reject the discriminatory rejection of LMIAs! Caregivers and all Migrant Workers deserve permanent resident status upon arrival!

If you are a Caregiver, check out these informative links:

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You can also call or text us at 647-782-6633 if you have further questions.


Indonesian Caregivers put up their fists in solidarity with the advancement of workers’ rights.