Media Advisory

Published on November 20, 2017

Caregiver Amalia Loyzaga (right) and her daughter, Apple. Ms. Loyzaga will speak at the press conference.

November 20, 2017

Media Contacts:
Anna Malla, Organizer, Caregivers Action Centre 647-782-6633


Toronto – Migrant Caregivers and disability rights advocates are calling for permanent status on arrival and an immediate end to the medical inadmissibility regime as the parliamentary Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM) continues deliberations to end this unjust system. Section 38(1)(c) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act denies permanent residency to an entire family if one member of the family is sick or disabled and deemed to pose an ‘excessive demand’ on the Canadian healthcare system. Nearly 1,000 people and their families were rejected on this basis in 2014. Several migrant caregivers whose permanent residency applications have been challenged based on their children’s diagnosed disabilities will be speaking out against the discrimination they are facing.

WHAT: Permanent Status Now, Repeal Section 38(1)(c) Press Conference
WHEN: 9:30am, November 20, 2017, first day of CIMM hearings
WHERE: Suite 202, 720 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

SPEAKERS: Amalia Loyzaga (Caregiver – status challenged), Josarie Danieles (Caregiver – denied status), Mercedes Benitez (Caregiver – recently granted status after years of separation), Fay Faraday (labour and human rights lawyer), Dr Loree Erickson (Disability activist, seeking permanent residency in Canada for 14 years)

VISUALS: Caregivers telling their stories, with videos and photographs of their children from whom they have been separated.

Migrant caregivers and disability activists and their supporters are calling on the Federal Government to:

  1. Eliminate Section 38(1)(c) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which allows for discriminating against people with disabilities.
  2. Immediately grant permanent residency to Amalia Loyzaga, Josarie Danieles and their families, and all of the families who have been denied permanent residency on disability grounds in the last 10 years.
  3. Grant access to permanent residency status to migrant workers currently in Canada, with specific provisions to allow their families to join them. Ensure that all migrant workers arriving in the future come to Canada with their families, and with permanent residency status.
  4. Ensure that all migrant workers are allowed to come to Canada with their families, and with permanent residency status, which is the norm for applicants in the Canadian Express Entry system.
  5. Ensure all migrant workers have access to all public services, basic rights and the ability to change jobs through open work permits.