Minimum Wage went up to $11 on June 1st

Published on June 14, 2014

On June 1st, thanks to community mobilizing by caregivers and others across Ontario, the minimum wage increased from $10.25 to $11 an hour.

“11 an hour still leaves workers more than 16% below the poverty line,” says Liza Draman, Caregivers’ Action Centre leader. “But it does show that organizing for change can bring results. And it’s strengthened our resolve to continue the fight for a $14 minimum wage for all of us.”  See

Your employer must pay you at least $11 an hour for each hour you work.

Even if you signed a contract with your employer for $10.25 or the prevailing wage for Live-in Caregivers  of $10.86, your employer must now pay you a minimum wage of $11 an hour. See Ministry of Labour information about minimum wage here.

If you are having any trouble getting your employer to pay you at least the $11 minimum wage, contact Caregivers’ Action Centre at 647-782-6633 or Workers’ Action Centre at 416-531-0778.

You can also contact the Caregivers’ Action Centre by email at [email protected].