Online Workshop for Care Workers about our Rights during the Coronavirus

Join us on Sunday, May 24 at 12pm for an online workshop to learn about your rights as Care Workers during the coronavirus crisis. There are lots of changes and announcements happening, so we want to make sure Care Workers get the right information to support each other! 

In this workshop, we will discuss:

- How to maintain your immigration status in Canada

- The NEW policy about expedited work permits

- What hours of work will be counted towards your PR application

- How to be re-hired by my employer after the coronavirus crisis

- Access to income supports if I am laid off or have reduced hours

Care Workers are speaking out about the issues we are facing during this crisis, and we were HEARD! Last week, 56 elected municipal and provincial representatives from every province in Canada issued a joint statement calling for income supports to all migrants, including undocumented people.

Care Workers are humans too, we deserve respect and support! We deserve LANDED STATUS NOW!

RSVP below! Let us know your questions before the workshop at [email protected]


May 24, 2020 at 12:00pm - 2pm


Online Workshop - Sign up for the link!

Will you come?

or Text FIGHT to +16475601602 to RSVP