Care Workers’ Connect during COVID-19

You are invited to join Care Workers in an online social next Sunday, May 3rd from 1pm to 3pm. We are all feeling isolated right now, so let’s come together to support each other and have some fun! 

Care Workers are doing important work caring for those who need it during this crisis. They are risking their lives going to work every day, disinfecting their employer's homes without safety equipment and taking care of those who are sick. Sometimes they are doing this work without being paid! They can't stop working if they feel unsafe because their work permits are tied to their employers and they need to complete 24 months of service before applying for PR. This is not fair! Care Workers are not disposable, they are humans too!

We want to connect with you. This will help us support each other and build a campaign that can WIN!

Please share our facebook event and invite your friends! 


May 03, 2020 at 1pm - 3pm


Online Workshop - Sign up for the link!


Len Guenther Yris Diaz Siti Nuroin Cloudy Claire Belisario Marilyn Estrella Myleen Aspiras Soledad Aguilar Sherry-Ann Bristol Irish Mae Silvestre Amalia Loyzaga Lerma Macaspac Ai Tenorio Beverly Digamon Bekaria Zaneta Lovejeet Kaur Reinelda (Reine) Lopez Josan Rashpal Jocelyn Sibal Joelyn Cruz Cristina Gumolda Stephanie Gerasmia Mitzil Daut Nadine Smith-Green Juliefe Alonsagay Monica Cabanilla Leah de Luna Payal Payal Ana Ubaldo Cherrian Snagg Raj Fernandez Lilis Maryani Joy Delmar Karen Rae Ramos Casamira Ursua Michelle Regaspi Lorilyn Mangaoil June Rose Doliente Joanne Estrella

Will you come?

or Text SOCIAL to +16475601602 to RSVP