Migrant Care Workers call for FULL Immigration Status For ALL!

Since the 1800s, migrant Care Workers have been coming to Canada to raise children and take care of the sick and elderly. Tens of thousands of farmworkers come here seasonally to work on farms, fields, greenhouses, factories, fisheries, and mushroom processing. Hundreds of thousands of migrant students pay expensive fees to study in Canada. Refugees flee their countries to find safety and protection. People with no papers or immigration status come through a number of different ways in search of a better life, just like all of us, but now don’t have any valid documents. 

There are at least 1.6 million of us who are temporary or undocumented in Canada, or one in every twenty-three people. Canada has failed to provide equal rights and support during COVID-19 to at least one in every twenty-three people.

Because of COVID-19, many of us are still suffering. We don’t have enough income. We are worried about our health. Rent is due, or we are living in employer controlled homes that are not fit to live in. Some of us are able to stay home, but we are the essential workers growing food, cleaning homes, delivering packages, and keeping society moving. All of us get paid very little money. We are separated from our families back home. We fear police, detention or deportation. Some of us are unable to work due to disabilities, illness, or injuries.

We are ALL human beings, and we deserve rights, dignity, and respect. Right now, migrant Care Workers, farmworkers, international students, refugees, migrant sex workers, and undocumented people are uniting to demand the Canadian government give us healthcare, income, services and FULL immigration status for ALL.

It won't be easy, but it can be done if we do it together! Join us in fighting for FULL and PERMANENT immigration status for ALL! 

Join us in calling for FULL immigration status for ALL. This means:

1. Full and permanent immigration status for everyone in the country that does not have it.

2. Healthcare for everyone in the country that can’t access it without having to pay. 

3. Full labour rights and protections for all, including open work permits without any employer, hours of work or industry restrictions (such as essential sectors or ban on working in businesses related to sex-trade).  

4. Equal access without restriction, differential fees or fear to Employment Insurance, pensions, social assistance, workers’ compensation, emergency income supports, settlement and social services, workers’ compensation, and education at all levels. 

5. Family unity so we can be with the people we care for and love. 

6. End to racism, xenophobia, and discrimination!

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