The Time is NOW! Full Immigration Status for ALL!

Published on July 09, 2020

On July 4th, Care Workers, farmworkers, refugees, migrant sex workers, international students and undocumented people marched in Montreal, rallied in Toronto and postered the streets in Halifax! Our voices were heard in every newspaper and news show in the country! Click here for a list of some of the media coverage! 

At the rally in front of Immigration Minister's Mendicino's office in Toronto, Care Worker Leader Harpreet Kaur bravely spoke about why Care Workers are demanding #StatusForAll NOW! 

Click here to watch & share the video!  

Care Worker Leader Khim Smith powerfully spoke to Global News Toronto, Global New National, and City News Toronto about why Care Workers are pushing for #StatusForAll NOW! 

Care Worker leaders and supporters covered the sidewalks with messages for Immigration Minister Mendocino to read when he returned to his office - #MigrantLivesMatter #NoMoreDeaths and #StatusForAll! 

The fight is not over until we win #StatusForALL! Follow us on facebook and stay tuned for more actions!

Together, we will win!