Together, we will keep fighting for #StatusForAll!

Published on June 20, 2020

Since June 14th, over 25,000 people from across Canada have watched our online rally demanding FULL immigration #StatusForAll! 

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Care Worker Leader Winnie spoke on behalf of thousands of migrant Care Workers to demand #LandedStatusNow! 

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As Winnie said, "We are here to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We demand our rights. We demand the government give us status now. We will not live and work in fear anymore! We ARE NOT asking for special treatment, we are asking for our rights and status for ALL!" 

Many of you shared photos and powerful words about why we need #StatusNow! Here are some of them:

"We are from different countries, we may speak different languages, but we are all fighting for one goal and for all migrant workers. Fair treatment for everyone and status for all." - June, Care Worker Leader

"Yes, instead of a pathway to permanent residency, it is really a pathway to despair. It's an unjust government system. #StatusForAllNow #StopRacism" - Virginia, Care Worker Leader


"Landed status now! Landed status for all! No caregiver left behind!" - Tina, Care Worker Leader

"We deserve justice, especially during this pandemic. We can’t go out, we are scared to lose our job, and we don’t have status. LANDED STATUS FOR ALL NOW! We are being separated from our family for many years." - Rebecca, Care Worker

The fight is not over until we win #StatusForALL! Follow us on facebook and stay tuned for more actions!